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Aquarium Table

This two inch thick deep pour came out beyond belief. Utilizing some two hundred plus year old wood, rocks, lookalike sea turtles, and fish. This table is truly stunning, eyecatching, and definitely a conversation starter.

Kitchen Counter Job Before

This is a before picture. Customer wanted something to standout.

Kitchen Counter Job After

Here is the after. Standout it did!

Commemorative Credenza

This is a before picture. Customer wanted something to match a loved ones Urn.

Commemorative Credenza

Here is the after. A beautiful place for this Urn to rest.

Kitchen Counter/Sink Job

This gorgeous deep blue really made this kitchen pop.

Ravens themed flooring

This gorgeous floor is certainly one of a kind. This Ravens themed mancave was a big overtaking.

Customer Artwork

Custom art work with resin. You pick your colors and designs and we’ll take it from there. 

knee wall rails video.mp4

Knee Wall Rails

Changed these boring knee wall rails into something to discuss when company come over and uses the stairs.

Sunset Epoxy Tile

Tried my hand at a purple sunset and tree of life for a client. This is to go on top of a small heirloom cabinet passed down by her mother, where her ashes are stored.

Ravens Theme Tabletop

This round table made a great addition to the man-cave.

Custom Items

When we say "Our only limitation is your imagination" we mean that. Here is a custom keychain, a guitar made for a local restrant as a showcase piece, seashells dipped to preserve them, and a couple three tier serving dishes.